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Versed The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel


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20 reviews for Versed The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel


    I use this during afternoons when I’m home and not going out and then wash off before bed- it makes my skin shiny and oily on application but after washing off, my skin is much brighter and vibrant


    This is gentle enough for my dry, sensitive skin yet it leaves it feeling smooth the next day.

  3. Hui Pin

    Used The Shortcut one evening. The second day after application, my face became red, dry, flaky and generally inflamed. This condition has persisted for about 10 days. Discontinued use and contacted the company via email. No response.


    I’m only a few days into using Versed. I just completed my 2nd application of The Shortcut, and my skin is definitely responding well. I bought the entire regimen recommended to me by the Skin Decoder after being tired of spending all my money on a MUCH more expensive brand (that uses multiple colors in their packaging as well). 🙂 I had a few small breakouts as a result of being sick, and my face has cleared up quickly and is well moisturized. I’m definitely looking forward to the possibility of similar results, and having a ton of cash left in my pocket!!


    I have oily/sensitive skin so I bought the sample size just to test it out. I was really surprised when my skin didn’t itch or burn applying it and my face definitely felt soft the next morning! Only downer is how expensive it is for the full size one

  6. ELIZAS09

    I bought several Versed products about 2.5-3 months ago. The product I am most impressed with is The Shortcut. I used it the first night I received my new skincare line. A little of The Shortcut goes a long way. The size of a pea covers your entire face and neck. The next morning my skin was so incredibly soft and smooth. I am 49 so an anti-aging skincare regimen is very important to me. I highly recommend Versed – especially The Shortcut.


    Alright, I’m all about my skincare routine, but I also love a good shortcut that doesn’t necessarily make my skin feel like I took a shortcut. I’ve used this a few times already. The glycolic acid is nice, because it really helps my skin texture. I have small bumps on my jawline that are annoying, but my skin feels softer after using this. I wish the tube was a bit bigger, but you don’t need a ton to cover your whole face, so I’m hoping it lasts awhile.


    It feels a bit weird using this initially, as you have to skip toners/serums/moisturisers and just apply this to freshly cleansed skin. I was hesitant but it’s honestly great, my skin always feels super soft and looks almost exfoliated after sleeping in this. I love it and it’s a nice break from the full routine a few nights a week!


    I never write reviews but this brand deserves it over all! I purchased this and it has really brightened my dark spots that I’ve had such a hard time getting rid of!


    Purchased this product to slowly incorporate into my routine, and it arrived just in time to use in the middle of a breakout. Cleared my skin with two consecutive uses! I have used since, and I notice improvements in the appearance of skin texture/brightness with each use. Will buy again and recommend! I was not compensated in any way for this reivew.

  11. SCHMONA6

    This is my favorite in the line so far. Absolutely saw a difference after one night! My skin was brighter and seems to be evening out just after a couple of weeks use. Looking forward to seeing long term results!!!


    I like this a lot, but I have experienced the container not being full all the way in multiple of their products. I felt significant air pockets in the packaging and it’s already a small amount for the price (in my opinion.)


    After reading all the ultra positive reviews, I was so excited to try this product—especially because I’m on the hunt for an affordable alternative to the Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum (which I love but cannot swallow the $90 price tag!). However, I just didn’t really notice a difference after using this product the way I have with other glycolic acid treatments. This may be a good option for someone first intro-ing their skin to glycolic acid, but definitely an expectations vs reality let down for me. Probably won’t repurchase!

  14. KOUKLA528

    I got the mini at Target to try and wasn’t expecting much. I was sadly mistaken. I have used it once so far and my skin is glowing. It reduced the size of this pesky pimple that refuses to go away and my skin looks radiant. So much so that I just ordered another one. Well done.

  15. JACKIE27

    I was very on the fence about this product, but every time I’ve used it, I’ve woken up with soft, glowing skin. A little goes a long way!

  16. ASHLEY T

    I’ve been searching for a Glycolic product to replace the expensive mask I got as a gift, and I like this soooo much better! It has almost smell and goes on like a lotion, doesn’t burn or tingle. I actually wondered if it was working, until the next morning when I woke up with smooth, glowing skin. I used it for three nights running, and it destroyed the huge hormonal zit on my chin. It irritated my cheeks, which is why I took one star off. It’s great on scaly elbows, too!


    I really like this product but it does not work over night and it doesn’t really have the features of a peel. I’ve used it for a week or so now, it makes my skin very soft and I think it is helping with my acne but I use it more as a moisturizer.


    I’ve been using the overnight peel weekly, for about 2 months now and my skin is quite responsive. I have acne prone skin due to hormones and the peel has helped visibly reduce the appearance of the dark spots from previous acne. The texture of my skin has smoothed out as well, I notice this when I apply makeup to my skin (easier application). I did make the mistake of rubbing it over my eyes/lips as I would with a moisturizer which made the skin around my eyes/lips noticeably dry/flaky but it didn’t last long once I moisturized in the morning.


    I bought this a month ago and have been using it 2-3 times a week and I love how smooth it makes my skin. Glycolic acid has really helped with my skin texture and brightening! Follow my Instagram for more reviews @lifewithrimmi

  20. NATA2020

    The facial peel itself was ok quality. The other problem was that i had to push the air out and only half of the tube contained the product to use. The tube is stating that the volume is 30 ml, but the tube is not filled to the 30 ml capacity therefore and the size of the tube is misleading. You getting the tube with very little product

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