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Versed Nix It Spot Solution


Perfect for treating spots at every stage.

From early-stage to healing-stage, this potent formula is skin-friendly with no signs of dryness or flaking post-application. Salicylic acid chips in by exfoliating away pore-clogging dead skin cells and refining stretched-out pores that can get impurities trapped inside. Its unique invisible dry-oil formula absorbs into skin residue- and shine-free, so it can be applied over makeup throughout the day too.

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Introducing the Nix It Spot Solution, it’s invisible, it’s effective and it’s non-drying. Uniting tea tree, lavender, lemon and rosemary oils alongside salicylic acid, this inflammation-calming formula helps control excess oil, soothe redness, fight bacteria, and prevent blemishes from forming while being non-drying.

Perfect for treating spots at every stage, from early-stage to healing-stage, this potent formula is skin-friendly with no signs of dryness or flaking post-application. Salicylic acid chips in by exfoliating away pore-clogging dead skin cells and refining stretched-out pores that can get impurities trapped inside. Its unique invisible dry-oil formula absorbs into skin residue- and shine-free, so it can be applied over makeup throughout the day too.

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20 reviews for Versed Nix It Spot Solution


    I actually love that I can apply the product on specific spots and its non drying and I’ve seen real results. It really has been a game changer. But the packaging is the biggest down side, when the tube was pretty full it was easier to get out, but as I’ve used it down it’s more difficult to get out. Though, it is a cute bottle, I get compliments on it being aesthetically pleasing.


    It’s crazy how well this works. I’ve never found spot treatments to work for me because they always end up drying my skin but leaving the pimple. THIS STOPS THE PIMPLE FROM EVEN FORMING & ISN’T HARSH/DRYING. I apply on areas where I can feel pimples forming (AM/PM) and they don’t have a chance of becoming visible! I agree the packaging could be better. You have to squeeze pretty hard. The way I worked around it was to squeeze the tube at a 45 degree angle on my finger and I could see the (very clear, watery) product come out. A little goes a long way. I think most people are too busy squeezing, expecting it to feel like squeezing toothpaste, and not paying attention because the product is hard to see/feel. I think some of these other reviews are being dramatic. I recommended this to a friend and the next day she texted me about how well it worked for her too. Definitely recommend!

  3. Anonymous from Boston

    I’m absolutely floored by this product. I have hormonal acne (mainly large whiteheads) that consistently appear in several condensed spots on my face. Since they always pot up in the same spots I have noticeable discoloring/scars. Not only has this product helped rid fresh acne, it has significantly reduced the appearance of my scarring within only two weeks. I truly cannot recommend this product enough.

  4. RUBYB297

    I love versed skin care they have great acne products but I really did not find the prouduct affective at all. I also notices that the product gets on the packing making it an oily mess. One thing that I did enjoy was the smell it was very nice.


    First time using this product and I was super impressed. I put it on at night and the next day, whatever pimple I used it on actually shrank. I’ve used a lot of other products that claim to do the same, but nothing came close to this. I was pleasantly surprised!


    I got this a few weeks ago due to having some hormonal out breaks. I work at a hospital and now that we have to wear masks 24/7 there I have been breaking out. Now I just put some on my chin and nose and my breakout is starting to dissipate. I don’t know how well it will work on cystic acne as my breakouts are pretty superficial. But I would highly recommend this to someone who has the occasional zit from hormones or the situational breakout.


    I have bought this now 4 times, and love the product. But, I wish it was a bigger size or in a different package like maybe make it into drops? Because when you’re trying to get your last drops out of it, it’s very very hard to do so. Although it is a great product and helps a lot with my hormonal breakouts!


    I’ve always had really red cheeks but this is definitely helping. I have a spot on my nose that looks like my vains are leaving a kind of “birthmark”? But it just formed in the last couple years. It’s hard to explain. After using this it has gone down about 50% and I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and not even daily. I didn’t think that such a cheaper product than what I normally buy would do such the trick to help reduce the appearance of that spot. I will continue to buy this


    My sister bought this product earlier this month. This evening I noticed a zit pop up and used my regular spot treatment, but ended up making my skin WORSE. I noticed my skin turn red and took my spot treatment off ASAP. I asked my sister and she showed me how to use it. It’s been 2 hours and the redness is GONE!! My zit has gone down and my skin is back to being happy and healthy! Ditching my spot treatment for NIX IT


    I have sensitive skin — treatments with salicylic acid causes dermatitis and so many spot treatments contain that as the active ingredient! As soon as I notice blemishes, especially the deep annoying ones, this has done the trick! Great for managing areas that commonly break out, too!

  11. MAGGIE18

    I started using this product about a month ago and… WOW! I have horrible problem skin, with horrible breakouts almost constantly. This spot treatment has totally changed the game. I put it on a new breakout, and no joke, it’s smaller the next morning, and completely gone within 2-3 days max. I will swear by this product forever! Giving 4 stars though, just because the packaging isn’t my favorite, but I make it work.


    I just recently started incorporating this into my nightly skincare routine and SERIOUSLY my skin looks better than it has ALL YEAR. I have problem skin and, for the past year, have been waking up with new or worsening breakouts every morning. I’m not kidding when I say that this is the only product that has helped that. I use this in conjunction with the clarifying serum every night (but I know that this is really what’s helping my skin because my skin didn’t change much when I was just using the serum). I’m literally so happy I came across this brand. OH and by the way I just rub this over my whole face, I don’t just put it on problem spots–but do as you wish.

  13. Anonymous from Reno

    I love that this is a spot treatment that isn’t designed to dry out my pimples, but I had to throw it away because of the packaging. Like a lot of reviews said you have to squeeze really hard to get it out, but then it almost explodes oil everywhere. I figured out how to just touch the applicator to my problem areas and rub it in that way but I was always taught to never actually touch serum droppers/applicators to your skin because bacteria will spread easily that way. Please put this in a dropper so it can be put on a cotton pad or something of that nature.

  14. BEASEC2000

    I can feel that this product works on my skin, and love its natural qualities. Unfortunately the container was faulty so when I actually got the solution to come out half of it spilled on my sink.

  15. BRITTANY13

    I bought this because of it’s amazing reviews, but ended up disappointed. It has done absolutely nothing for any spots I’ve tried it on, and I have tried it on every kind. My whitehead was bigger in the morning after I used this. My big, red, hurting spot was exactly the same. And, like others have mentioned, the design of the packaging is HORRENDOUS. It took forever to get it out at first, and then when it finally came out, a bunch was on my face in one spot, and then the next had nothing. It’s kind of a nightmare. I would not recommend this. Giving two stars because I’ve only been using it for a few days, but since it’s a spot treatment, it shouldn’t really take any longer than that to do something….

  16. ALACAL29

    I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I am very weary of purchasing topical acne treatments, as I have had negative reactions with other acne treatments. This product, however, exceeded my expectations. Not only does it smell amazing, it really works. I apply it to a spot as soon as I notice it, and it is almost gone by the next day. No irritation! No stripping of natural oils. Truly the best topical treatment.

  17. MELANIE D.

    I bought this about three weeks ago, and it has its ups and downs. I love the smell. It’s very natural and earthy and you can definitely tell that it’s not filled with chemicals. It feels light, but most definitely takes a while to soak in. I recommend only using this at night to avoid oily skin during the day. The applicator is also very odd, but the product definitely has done good things for my ance scars.

  18. SYDNIJY92

    So far my favorite part about it is that i can put it on and not worry about getting an allergic reaction like with other spot treatments. It hasn’t been a miracle worker but it’s been helping quite a bit with my hormonal breakouts. I figured out how to use it on accident. I kept taking the applicator off and making a mess every time i needed to use it because i couldn’t find anything online or on the packaging on how to get the liquid out properly. I thought the round leak-stopper between the applicator and the tube was part of the whole thing since it was stuck to the applicator for a whole week before falling off on its own.


    My friend got this for me recently and I’m so happy she did. The days are getting really hot and sunny lately and I’ve been putting on a lot of sunscreen. Without thinking, I started putting sunscreen on already applied makeup on my face. Big Mistake!!! Within a couple days of doing this, my face started to break out like nobody’s business. I definitely learned from that, always put sunscreen or SPF on before makeup. Anyways, I had to do something about it. So I updated my skincare routine and started using a cleanser specifically for problem skin and a new toner as well and NIX IT. Well after a couple days of using these as well as some other products, lo and behold my face started clearing up and the spots started disappearing. I love that Versed is Non-Toxic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free + I love their ingredients as well. I also have their toner (Weekend Glow) as well and also love it’s effect on my skin. I love the consistency of NIX IT and that it’s non-drying. So many treatments for problem skin are drying and just bad in general for your skin. Thankfully, NIX IT is not. It’s definitely a keeper and I will most likely be buying it again!!

  20. ABANKS97

    I bought this as a spot treatment and it has worked well and isn’t as harsh as other ones I’ve used–it feels very gentle and doesn’t sting at all. However, it is basically a liquid. I was expecting a gel so I was surprised when it came out of the tube and was runny. I find it hard to apply because it’s so runny and also because I have to squeeze the tube super hard to get anything out, not sure if I’m doing something wrong but it’s incredibly hard to get out of the tube. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this but I’m going to keep using this until it’s finished.

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