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Versed Look Alive Hydrating Plumping Mask


For those days when your skin is extra thirsty, this mask hydrates, plumps, and diminishes the look of wrinkles, while being cooling and soothing, thanks to an infusion of Aloe Leaf Juice. Packed with plant-based collagen alternative and smoothing Rosehip Seed Oil, this masks works to increase elasticity and bind moisture to the skin.

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A hydrating, plumping treatment for when your skin is extra thirsty. This cooling, soothing gel mask is infused with aloe leaf juice, which delivers that instant refreshing burst of hydration. But the real hero here is the plant-based collagen alternative that smooths texture, increases elasticity, and binds moisture to the skin to prevent moisture loss. Rosehip seed oil also helps smooth skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

How To Use: Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. Use 1-3 times a week.

How To Recycle: Most pouch packaging is not recyclable and needs to be thrown away in the trash. At least this mask pouch uses 97% less packaging material than traditional masks.

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18 reviews for Versed Look Alive Hydrating Plumping Mask


    Great Hydrating Mask! – Love this mask! It smells incredible and really left my skin hydrated and evenly toned. Even my fine lines looked smaller in the morning! I also had a few dark marks from past spots and this seemed to lighten them dramatically. Definitely adding to my regimen!

  2. Rotha

    Very hydrating mask. Used 10ml before applying my makeup, worked wonders. My foundation didn’t cling to any of my usual dry patches. Highly recommend

  3. Lana

    Really helped me prolong my natural tan on my face and eased with peeling.


    Felt nice but didn’t see enough of a difference – I’ve used this mask a few times. I wish it were a bit more hydrating. It feels nice on but I didn’t see enough of a difference. I do LOVE the packaging though. So easy to travel with that I want to try the other masks.

  5. ANDIE213

    LOVE! – I don’t typically consider myself to have dry skin, but from traveling and being in the sun all summer I was looking for a bit of a “pick me up”! This mask goes on smoothly and feels great upon application! It felt extremely soothing while on and left my skin feeling extra hydrated. I am also a big fan of the packaging…really great for storage (similar to a sheet mask) but the mask lasts for about 12 uses! Overall: BIG fan

  6. JRM07171

    Supple Skin in a Flash! – After the onset of allergy season left me irritated, inflamed, and irritable because of it, I tried this mask to alleviate those symptoms and give my ravaged skin some much-needed moisture. I was not disappointed, and will make this a go-to for a skin savior and spa-like treatment a like! Not being a huge fan of masks because of their loose, sticky, or goopy texture and the messiness of application, I was a little hesitant to try this while getting ready for work, but did so given how badly my skin needed the moisture. I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight, luxurious feel of the mask, and just from applying it and rinsing the excess from my fingers could tell how moisturizing the product is. When it dried and I rinsed it off, my skin was no longer tight and irritated, but smooth, supple, and bright. Needless to say, I immediately felt better not only for the aesthetic advantages but also the peace of mind that repair and resuscitation was possible for my seasonally-disadvantaged face!Because the results were so noticeable after just one use, I can vouch that this is a quality product with quality commitments: delivering the good stuff in a natural, cruelty-free manner with a no-nonsense approach that I admire and appreciate!

  7. Amazing

    Not a great mask. – I have used this mask at least 5 times and there are no noticeable results. Only reason I did t give it less stars is because I appreciate the fact that it’s all natural.

  8. Z9876

    Out of the many Versed products that I purchased, I think this one is my favorite. Although I haven’t noticed really any difference in the hydration level of my skin or increased evenness, the mask just feels nice and is a good price for the quality and quantity. I probably won’t purchase again, but I don’t regret buying and trying it once.

  9. Valentina

    Does nothing – This mask does not do anything to my skin a lot. It has very cute packaging and nice smell, but the hydration is so modest, I don’t think anyone needs this mask. The size of the mask is much smaller then I expected, and given this, its price is not that low. And by the way, the package broke on the joint after the third time I used it. It’s definitely a pass for me.


    Super Hydrating! – I love this mask! It’s so gentle on your skin, but makes such a big difference. I left my mask on for about an hour during a zoom call and it felt just as moisturizing as when I first put it on. When I rinsed it off, my skin was visibly brighter and felt extra smooth and hydrated (:


    Hydrating and easy:) – I love this mask because it fits perfectly in my skin care fridge without the hassle and when I wear it it’s so easy and light that I can do stuff without my skin getting irritated or itchy and when I take it off my skin does it feel stripped it feels really hydrated:)

  12. Ronja

    Irritating, with no results – I love the consistency and smell of this product but I don’t find it to be effective at all unfortunately. For some reason my skin reacts negatively to this mask, it feels almost like a tingling on my sensitive skin. After removing it my skin doesn’t feel hydrated, I actually don’t notice a difference at all. Won’t be repurchasing.

  13. CBiggs

    Cooling, Comforting and So, So Soft – Probably my favorite mask. It’s fantastic for a night after drinking or any days that you might feel a little dehydrated. I use it in rotation with the Versed Brightening and Tightening Mask. It’s such a cooling, gentle gel that goes on smooth and easy. Your skin feels unbelievably soft after rinsing. And don’t let the packaging fool you – you get so many uses out of this little pouch. I couldn’t live without it.


    Good active ingredients!! – I am currently in beauty school and i learned about all the horrible ingredients in common skincare products so i was on the hunt for a mask with clean and active ingredients and OH MY this mask is so good. It tingles a little bit but that just means its working. I have super dry skin and I honestly didnt even want to put moisturizer on after this mask i felt so hydrated.

  15. Maria2020

    Awesome Face Mask – I was looking for a hydrating mask and this was exactly the answer. I’ve used it for about 2 weeks and have seen improvements. I apply it every other day before going to bed and wash it off after 15 minutes. In the morning my skin feels hydrated. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a refreshing mask.

  16. Kate

    Disappointing – Didn’t hydrate my skin at all. It’s a perfectly nice texture and certainly did no harm, but as I bought it to tackle my dry skin, it didn’t really work

  17. Pink Belly

    Great packaging and does the job – Why is this not being talked about more. A great price point too! The packaging makes it easy and less messy to use allowing the right amount of product to be used. Its clear and spreads well, light in texture when applied that it almost looks and feels like it sinks in. You could easily forget you have it on. Once emulsified its easy enough to remove and I feel hydrated enough after. The ease of the packaging is a standout.

  18. Ann

    This mask smells nice and does it job as hydrating but I don’t really see any difference on my skin after a few uses. It’s a little bit pricy too considering how small it is.

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