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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone


This serum brightens, hydrates, and smooths skin with a high-strength vitamin C in a base of lightweight silicones.

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An anti-aging serum.

Restoring a bright, youthful complexion, Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone is an effective antioxidant. Light and water-free, this silky formula is best applied of an evening and mixed with moisturiser to prevent a tingling sensation.

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32 reviews for The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

  1. Ally

    I have noticed a slight change in my skin since I have begun using this, my overall complexion seems smoother however EVERY morning I have woken up stinking of fake tan and now my palms have turned orange! It does apply nicely and instantly smooths my face however it is definitely too harsh and not thick enough to use on it’s own so I use a moisturiser and an oil on top.

  2. Christianne

    I’m not really sure how I feel about this product. I had purchased it in October and been using it since then, but I haven’t noticed any remarkable changes in my skin. I actually prefer the Vitamin C serum I’ve been using this product. This product has a very weird texture and consistency, like a primer as it’s silicone, but it makes me feel like I can’t put anything on top of it – if that makes sense. In the beginning, I felt a stinging sensation, but now it barely stings at all.

  3. Dolls

    I use this daily over the serum. Fantastic. I love it

  4. Ar

    I’ve been using this for 3 weeks and I see the positive dynamics: my skin has already become more elastic, the post-acne gradually lightens. The first 7 days I had this “a very strong tingling but non-irritating sensation” (it’s been said on the official The Ordinary site). I would recommend this product.

  5. AP

    I really wanted to like this, alas it’s impossible. I used this for two weeks; from day one it was very uncomfortable to wear as it really stings. And that’s saying something coming from me, an experienced hydroxy acid user. My skin is not sensitive or allergy-prone but I have progressively developed an intolerance to this, with rough patches on parts of my face where the skin is thinner. Not recommended at all. I’m very sorry to say I have nothing good to say about this product.

  6. Dissapointing

    This doesn’t absorb into skin, and is very rubbery and too thick. After managing to rub it into your face, even after half an hour if you rub your eyes and it gets in it will sting.

  7. Dolls

    Love this. Use it 3 times a week

  8. Evi M.

    This product works, no doubt. From the first uses, I started seeing more and bigger blackheads, which means that it pushed “things” out. However is super tingly and now that I’m starting to use a retinol, I wanted to move vitamin C in my morning routine. I tried it once and felt really uncomfortable, even topping it with a nice and strong SPF. I like it, but I think when I’m finished I’ll go for a serum version.

  9. Lubs

    I have normal/dry skin and personally this feels uncomfortable on my face, the texture is slippery and overall the tingly sensation hasn’t hit me either.

  10. Hamda

    I have an acne-prone and combination skin, and I finished almost 3 bottles of this bad boy, it has cleared a large part of my pigmentation it’s one of the best vitamin C creams that I have ever tried, highly recommend!

  11. G

    I’m not really liking this product and normally I like everything! I’m not keen on the texture either. I’m going to keep trying as everybody else’s reviews have rated it as good. Hopefully, I’ll start seeing a difference.

  12. Shaz

    Agree with previous comments that suggest using this after skin is moisturised. Was unsure at first but now use it very sparingly and massage it into certain areas at night and after a few weeks have noticed a HUGE difference. The grainy texture is slowly forcing out all the nasty blackheads that would otherwise never see the light of day!! Browny/orangy patches seem to appear – wash it off and bye-bye blackheads. Skin is soooo silky smooth to the touch too! Amazing product!! X

  13. Lissa

    Because it’s such a high concentration in Vitamin C it caused my skin to react, I’d leave the house with patchy red marks on my face. I have used numerous facial products and have thick skin, oily T-zone due to my Brazilian heritage and I’m not allergy prone. I’ve had microdermabrasion in the past but I’ve never had the same reaction that this product gave me. Unfortunately, it’s not got a patch on Boots vitamin c solution, which is the only thing I can compare it to. I would say invest in something a little more on the dear side if you want a satisfactory result. This just made my skin more sensitive the more I used it, especially around the nose. The texture (silicone) isn’t great nor the smell. Sorry ordinary I love your other products.

  14. Flv

    I like it a lot!! I love the silicone texture, I know most people don’t because they think silicone is bad for the skin… but actually, it’s great!! It makes a nice barrier on the skin, keeps it hydrated and is good for scars. I use it in the evening and I will for sure repurchase it!!!

  15. Chloe

    Have been using this product for just under a month and it has changed my skin. I hardly even experience breakouts and when I do they disappear almost instantly, and don’t leave any scarring. Old scarring is also reducing and the elasticity of my skin is improving. It does sting when first using the product but that sensation dies down quickly and stops after continued use. My skin is smoother, more glowy and just so much better.

  16. Paulinem

    Fantastic product

  17. Ren

    Heard a lot about this product. Really wished it work for me. Unfortunately every time I apply it leaves me with white rubbery residue. I get lot of tingling sensation and redness. Now have to look for something different.

  18. Hanni A

    This is such a good product! I was getting a lot of breakouts and have a lot of small dark scars from squeezing (a habit I am managing to break) and it is fading them away! This is a strange texture, not unpleasant, just different to creams/oils/serums and I use it before bed after cleansing, leave for 30 seconds then apply The Ordinary retinol, plus a moisturiser on top. I have been waking up for the last 6 weeks of using this with such clear, soft skin! This can dry your skin if you don’t use a good moisturiser and can also tingle if you have any little areas of broken skin from spots or anything but just mix with a moisturiser. Highly recommended!!

  19. Kami

    This has turned my face into red. It was definitely a burn, as it did not go away for few days. Had to stop on day 3.

  20. Freckles

    After the first tingly application I woke up with several large areas of pigmentations turned darker brown – just like an old open apple- that washed off and left my skin smoother, brighter and crucially less pigmented. I’m on my 3rd tube now and I can tell you this miraculous cream has removed the sun damage and pigmentations from the summer sun!

  21. Dimi

    Every time that I applied it on my skin it leaves a rubbery residue so I used it only when I stay home and I don’t need to apply foundation on the top. However, I think that I can see that my skin became smoother and clearer. If I could find a way to use it without this rubbery residue I would repurchase it but now I would prefer to buy something more pricey but that I can use it every day.

  22. Amy

    My skin is definitely looking brighter after using this at night for a week. But it’s turning my hands and pillow orange.

  23. eliza

    The product is clumpy, feels like plastic and doesn’t absorb into the skin. As I rubbed it in, it formed into little balls of which I think may have been silicone, leaving these all over my face. Strongly advise against this product.

  24. Ann

    I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and not sure about it. It does sting a little after applying it but fades within a minute or 2. I think you need to use it 4 a while before seeing real results.

  25. AO

    I introduced this and the 0.5% retinol in squalene into my skincare routine and within 2 days my skin was noticeably smoother. The first few days there will be some stinging but it goes away and after a week using it regularly there shouldn’t be any stinging. After 2 months using it, I definitely feel that my skin texture has improved drastically and my acne scars are starting to fade.

  26. Kristina

    The product may contain good ingredients bur overall is quite bad. It leaves greasy feeling and look on the skin, more then other Vitamin C products I have used, so I do not recommend it for oily skin. It did not absorb very well and it clogged my pores. I was a shining mess before I decided to stop using it. Also it stings on the skin and it is quite aggressive. There are no soothing ingredients in it in my opinion. Combined with other skin care products once caused unbearable stinging reaction and irritation, which lead me to washing all products from my face and apply soothing cream.

  27. Tea

    I have been using this in combination with retinol from The Ordinary and have seen a tremendous difference. My skin is clearer and has a nice even tone and healthy glow. As people mentioned before, it stings in the beginning so I used it in combination with my cream, but after a while, my skin got used to it and now it feels fine even without cream.

  28. CY

    Nothing special.

  29. Bea

    The secret to this product is that you should start off with an oil based product and then apply it on top afterwards as it is very drying when using alone. So I apply vitamin e oil first then Vitamin c suspension.
    I do it every night and have noticed a smoother appearance. 🙂

  30. Vanessa

    I’ve only used this for the last two nights but I’m not sure if I should use it again.
    I read that it can sting and I did have a stinging sensation below my right eye on the first night, but no where else. I was surprised at how dry/powdery the cream was on my face but didn’t use another moisturiser on top that first night to see how it was in the morning. The only visible difference the next morning was a slight puffiness under my right eye that had stung the night before. I used it again last night and added a light moisturiser too. Again it stung below my right eye. This morning I look like I’ve been punched! Below my right eye, it is swollen and a deep line from the corner of my eye round to my cheekbone has appeared that has never been there before. After a cold compress it has reduced slightly but it still looks bad.

  31. aibutt

    I love it. It tingles upon application, but it’s worth it. I love the way my skin looks the morning after. Yes, it’s a bit weird/greasy feeling, but I don’t mind, I just use it at night.

  32. Nadde

    I’m very sensitive skin. I have used this product I thought it very perfect for my skin. It make my skin alots better. I will keep use this product still. xxx

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