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The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer


An oil free face primer. Creating a smooth, natural base, High-Spreadability Fluid Primer preps the skin for makeup application. Thanks to a lightweight, serum-like formula, you can smooth it over the face for even coverage that skims over dry patches and prevents product build up around the nose and eyes.

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An oil free face primer.

Creating a smooth, natural base, High-Spreadability Fluid Primer preps the skin for makeup application. Thanks to a lightweight, serum-like formula, you can smooth it over the face for even coverage that skims over dry patches and prevents product build up around the nose and eyes.

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40 reviews for The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

  1. Dee

    Much like the other Ordinary primer, I tried this because I’m a big fan of the brand’s skin care and I loved the low price. Sadly, it’s not worth it. With this, my foundation slides around and becomes patchy after a few hours.

  2. mp1005

    This primer is amazing. Especially for the price. I love how it feels, it feels soft and is easy to spread. My foundation applies much better on my nose now. However I don’t like to use this primer too much and all over my face as it does feel like my skin “can’t breathe”. Don’t know how else to describe it. I do think it’s a great solution and amazing primer for the area around my nose as that has always been problematic and my foundation wouldn’t apply beautifully there.With this primer that problem is gone. Also like to use this for my dry skin areas as the foundation won’t collect around those dry patches. Would buy again and recommend solely for those purposes.

  3. Muiaaf

    Every time I’ve used this primer it hasn’t stopped my makeup from looking like it’s melting off. The dropper used to dispense the product is also unsuitable for the product.

  4. Champagne

    Perfect base before applying foundation it. Even on its own it looks great.

  5. Maani

    I have used so many high end primer but this tops the list. Tough competition to all the expensive ones. I have a dry to combo skin and it works beautifully on my skin without enhancing the dry patches and giving a smooth, airbrushed, finished look. Must recommend!

  6. Kiki

    I bought based on recommendations + the reviews and bc I’m a big fan of the ingredients. I have combination skin that tends to be on the drier side so wanted a nice HA serum at a cheaper price point, was keen on it being vegan. When I first used it I thought I hadn’t washed off all my cleanser, that’s how sticky it was. I’ve been using it for a week and now just purchased my regular serum bc I broke out and also not really hydrated. Best thing about it for me was that it wasn’t a crazy expensive purchase; maybe better on other skin types but it’s a nope from me.

  7. Chloe

    The primer itself has a bit of a strange smell to it, but if you can get over that then it’s fantastic. It spreads well although it feels a little silicone-y, it is very much a fluid. Provides a good, smooth base for your foundation which blends flawlessly on top of it and it also seems to make the makeup lasts longer. The only issue with this product is the packaging. It looks really smart, however, the dropper applicator is a little inconvenient, I prefer to put it on the back of my hand. The container itself would not be spill proof if you were do not put the lid on properly.

  8. Nativenewyorker

    Have loved this since it first came out. My daughters in NY even wear it alone over Photography Fluid to go out partying and everyone compliments them on their skin

  9. S

    A truly hydrating serum & affordable. It has a stickier texture compared to other serums out there. But this product has worked very well for me and has transformed my very dry skin to a somewhat normal skin now. I have noticed in using this product, I have reduced my skin care products and steps to 3 or 4. On days my skin is extra dry or dull I mix it with my Innisfree Green Tea Serum and the result is absolutely bomb. Will keep definitely repurchasing until end of time!

  10. SK

    First of this primer feels so good on the skin! I took an unexpected nap and all my makeup looked the same when I woke up I was shocked

  11. Cat

    I have horrible flakey dry skin and I had tried so many different products and there was no hope in getting moisture into my skin. Apply this before my moisturiser and my skin has never looked so good. The first couple of days I tried it, I wasn’t seeing any different results but after learning that you should apply to wet skin huge game changer and it dries down with no residue couldn’t recommend enough.

  12. Tigershout

    I’ve used this for a month now. Outside of its appearance, this did absolutely nothing for my skin. My pores look a bit more clogged, my skin hasn’t felt more hydrated (in fact, it feels dryer but don’t think that’s the cause of the product), and if anything it’s made my rosacea a bit more prominent. I’d recommend this maybe for normal skin but honestly, it’s done nothing for my skin whatsoever and I think it looks worse (again, not because of the product but shows how little this product works!).

  13. Nicholas

    I don’t know about the effectiveness so I am not reviewing on that. There could be something in the formula that does not blend in with other products. (Granactive Retinoid 2%) and other moisturizers to create white residues.

  14. Helen

    My skins been suffering for quite a while with breakouts and I couldn’t figure out why. They weren’t where I’d normally get breakouts and I started getting spots on my cheeks, then I realized the only new product I’d been using was this. I want to love it but due to this, I can’t. Also as previous reviewers have stated it can cause conflict with other products making it ball up.

  15. viola

    it is a bit too heavy and thick on my skin under my foundation, I think I will go back to my other primer .

  16. Maria

    I had read online that this was a great and cheaper version of Glossier’s Super Bounce so I decided to give it a go and I’ve really regretted it. I have combination skin that rarely breaks out and I’ve honestly never been as spotty as I was when using this. The consistency of it also peels away unless you have plenty of time to wait for it to dry. I’m avoiding this product at all costs.

  17. Cez – 26

    I’m still yet to be convinced on this product. For the price, you can’t go wrong, but I honestly wasn’t sure if it was doing anything for my face.. It gets 3 stars because it didn’t revert my face into a bad state, but it just didn’t visibly improve it either..

  18. Julie

    Bought this as a present for a friend and she loves it. So had to buy some for myself too!

  19. Dia

    This primer is great! With only few drops, it covers my whole face and creates spotless skin.

  20. Awesomemum

    Discovered by sheer accident and decided for the price I would give it all a try. I’m so glad I did, definite improvement in skin condition, feel and look/glow. Wish I had tried it years ago.

  21. Lynnie

    I started using this product at the beginning of July and it has helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes already. It’s a great price and I will continue to use this product now I have seen the results within afew weeks, now I need to look at the product for dark circles round the eyes…

  22. KO

    Have been using this for over a year now and has changed my skin completely. My dry and dull skin is plump and hydrated. Only problem I find is it does pill slightly. But for the price I can’t complain!

  23. Nina

    This primer is amazing except i don’t really like the idea of using dropper as you must use it gently to not make it clog. Overall, everything is amazing, the price, the texture and how it makes you skin feel smooth.

  24. Sheena

    This serum hands down has not only helped my dehydrated skin, after using it I don’t get breakouts any longer which suppose is because it corrected the sebum production on my skin. But my skin has never looked or felt more clear, soft and moisturized.

  25. Jess

    This primer is good for oily skin, it’s very mattifying. However you need to make sure that you’re also using a mattifying foundation. My skin is dry and this primer really didn’t work well. It let the foundation really settle into wrinkles and lines, which looked really deep and terrible. I prefer a water based primer for my skin type.

  26. RW

    I have been using this serum for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. When first massaging it into the skin, it feels slightly tacky, but that goes away after about a minute. I have oily/combination/blemish-prone skin and think it works well under The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturising Factors + HA (haven’t tried it under any other products).

  27. AuntBunny69

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these drops! I have been using them now for about a year and they have made such a tremendous difference to the feel of my skin. My skin is plumper, softer & less lined. It’s also a mega bargain!!!

  28. Caggs

    Top product. This has made a visible difference to my skin texture and tone. Excellent results at a brilliant price. Totally recommended , give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  29. Sam

    Amazing primer for the price, smooths the skin and creates a great base for makeup.

  30. Kay

    What can I say, this product is amazing! I’ve struggled with my oils coming through my makeup by around lunchtime and just never bothered to fix it as I knew it would just keep occurring. (I’m talking embarrassing smile lines and separation in my nose area!!) this product however creates a great barrier between the skin and the foundation and I can go from 7 am-4 pm at school without touch ups! What a lifesaver, and ONLY A FIVER!!

  31. Andrada

    I know many people complain that it’s sticky. But for me, it’s not. After using it constantly for more than one year, I learnt what is the right amount to use. I never ran out of this product, but I do experiment with HA from other brands out of curiosity.

  32. Bex

    Bought after using another brand. Does what it says on the tin. Hydrated and plumps. TOP TIP don’t rub in too much. This will cause sticky & pilling. Rub in slightly then PAT into the skin. Much better absorption

  33. Paige

    This primer is pretty good. It keeps my makeup on, smooths out pores and definitely spreads a loooong way. It blends flawlessly and you don’t need to use as much as you usually would with a primer so I can see this lasting a long time. Only thing is, it doesn’t keep my oiliness at bay, which it doesn’t actually claim to do, so I can’t really fault it. I have psoriasis around the outside of my face and this makes the foundation glide over them as if there’s nothing there. Definitely give it a go.

  34. Swera83

    This is my fav primer, it leaves the skin smooth and the makeup looks really neat and smooth on my face.

  35. Flvv

    I love the texture… I love the silicone. I know many people don’t because they think it clogs the pores, but actually it keeps the moisture in the skin and protects the skin with a layer of silicone. It spreads really well,hence the name. LOVE!!!!

  36. Life

    This was primer feels slightly greasy when applying to the skin, it broke me out and didn’t really do anything for me personally. The “dropper” is also very awkward and I end up with the product all over my jeans. I have dry skin and it’s doesn’t work for me – it certainly doesn’t make my face look dewy. I do however drop some into my Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade to make it softer and it works very well.

  37. Alexa

    I’ve never had a primer in this serum type formula before so it was new to me. It’s quite thick, however super easy to spread and a little goes a long way. It left my skin feeling really smooth and also slightly minimises my pores. Will continue to use.

  38. M

    I have normal/dry skin. It didn’t really do much for me. Made my face a bit smoother

  39. Iulia

    I did notice more plumpness to my skin but applying it in the morning is a hassle: I apply it on wet skin as I’ve seen but it’s still pilling when I apply my sunscreen. It’s very frustrating so I decided to use it only in the evening as it does have an effect on my skin. It is my first hyaluronic acid product that I’ve ever bought and I am not sure whether I will repurchase it or not because of the pilling.

  40. Ellie

    I am in love with this primer I have combination skin and it makes my skin feel lovely and soft ready for foundation, only disappointment is that it’s quite messy to use and the applications drips the solutions everywhere when trying to apply but other than that amazing for the price.

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