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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution


Featuring glycolic acid, this toning solution offers mild exfoliation to boost radiance and visibly restore clarity. Also enhanced with tasmanian pepperberry to help reduce the irritation associated with acid use and ginseng and aloe vera to soothe, this is the ideal way to gently refine the texture of your skin.

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A gentle exfoliating toner to brighten and refine skin texture.

Promoting radiance, Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution is a daily use treatment. Gradually improving skin texture, use once a day after cleansing to brighten and tone. Formulated with an alpha hydroxyl acid that mildly exfoliates, this essential toner also contains Tasmanian Pepperberry, Ginseng and Aloe Vera to reduce and soothe irritation for a healthy, even finish.

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20 reviews for The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

  1. CC

    I waited for 2 months before giving this review to give the product a chance to work. I have combination skin that is also congested- little bumps and whiteheads/blackheads. My skin is slightly sensitive and the first couple times I used this I did notice a slight tingle on my skin, but nothing burning or uncomfortable, and my skin soon adjusted. I used this product in the evenings after cleansing my skin and left it on overnight. The first 3 weeks I think it really purged my skin because I had so many breakouts. After that it seemed to calm down and I was expecting improved skin texture after using this but it hasn’t really made any difference. I think it has improved the brightness of my skin because it was quite dull before. My skin is still quite congested and I still get breakouts quite often. I saw a few comments saying people had used this on their keratosis, so I tried this and noticed an improvement, my skin definitely softened. I don’t know if I would buy this again.

  2. Sanjana

    This product does remove dead skin and shrinks my pores. However, I have a lot of dark spots and it hasn’t faded any of them, or helped even my skin tone. The texture on my skin still remains. It is also a little harsh on the skin, when I compare this toner with other AHA toners I own, and it is a little drying. If you have dry sensitive skin, you will definitely need to use moisturising products after. However, for the price you get a LOT of product, and if you only need a toner to remove remaining dead skin at the end of the day, and to shrink pores then this is a good choice.

  3. N

    I use this every morning after exfoliating and cleansing and wow my skin feels plumped throughout the day and so soft. I deff feel the glow. This has become part of my daily routine and couldn’t go back to any other toner. Its worth every penny

  4. Marilyn Monhoe

    One of my favourite products in my regime. If like me you have dull, congested, large pores or textural issues then this is the best toner for you. I use it every night before bed just before moisturizer. It has significantly reduced acne scarring on my cheeks and it makes my skin feel firm, hydrated and gives me a lovely even skin tone.

  5. Mic

    I think this product was a bit too strong for my skin. I have combo skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks and chin, sometimes sensitive). I only used it once or twice a week but I didn’t notice any significant difference to my skin, good or bad.

  6. Taylor1234

    Really love this product. Face doesn’t feel too dried out like some toners, it just removes all dirt and just makes your skin feel clean! Lasts ages as well. Love it, will definitely repurchase.

  7. Soph

    I have dry/dehydrated skin and usually suffer from patches of eczema on my face. I use this about twice a week in the evenings to exfoliate my skin and take away any flaky, dry patches. It tingles a bit, but soon goes away and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Great value for money and I would say it feels less harsh than the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have also started using it on my bacne and seen a reduction in redness and inflammation of my spots overnight.

  8. Lenka

    It does the job, the formulation does not iritate my skin which is a big plus. I usually use it in the evening. (I have combo skin prone to acne, little bit on the sensitive skin side)

  9. Carol

    The product just burned my skin and caused me a severe breakouts, I don’t know what happened but my skin it’s just angry with me. For me, personally, it’s not for all kinds of skin.

  10. Mariam

    It tightened my pores a little bit but then it stopped doing anything pores-wise. My skin became smoother and brighter after using this product.

  11. R

    I love the results on my skin, my skin is improved. I have a very nice glow on my skin. This brand is amazing in my opinion!

  12. SK

    Except for a mild tingling sensation, this product really didn’t do anything for me

  13. Jammy

    Difficult to say as I had to stop using and slowly bring up tolerance. My main concern at present is reducing my acne scars and building an even skin tone. It has not had an immediate affect on these areas but I will continue using for another few months to see whether I can see any results.

  14. Yara

    When I first applied this (with a cotton pad) I felt a bit of a tingling sensation & later on I had a sunburn even though I applied sunscreen. So I stopped using it. But I returned to using it during quarantine & I saw great results. The only thing is that I had this toner for a period of 9 months I believe & the expiration box says (12 months), so I wish if there was other sizes available [like 100 ml] just to try it out & not waste it.

  15. Deby

    Works well doesn’t cause my skin to break out but works a lot better with other ‘Ordinary’ Products.

  16. EH

    Better than the more expensive versions I have tried, this is affordable and effective. Very good for keeping blackheads at bay. It’s also not too drying and abrasive like others can be.

  17. Sonia T

    Love this product, I think it does offer a more even and brighter skin tone after around two weeks. Would totally recommend this, particularly for someone reaching their 30s and seeing slight changes in skin appearance.

  18. Zuz

    At first, I did not properly check the user that this is more a treatment than a toner, my bad I ended up with very irritated skin. After I used it on my body (as a deodorant and applied on shaved parts of the skin) and loved it! My BF has dry patches on his skin and using this he got rid of them. I can´t wait to order more once it is in stock.

  19. K

    Been using this toner for around a month now, I use morning and evening and the results are incredible. I have combination skin but stubborn acne around my cheeks and mouth area, this had made my skin much softer and has reduced my acne significantly, I’ve never been more confident with my skin!

  20. Mona

    I had really congested blocked pores on my cheeks and chin and I tried salicylic acid and it did not really help that much but THIS is a game-changer. I don’t have sensitive skin so I use it every night but if you have sensitivity then maybe it may not be for you. Use it with BHA and niacinamide and honestly, chefs kisses

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