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The INKEY List Rosehip Oil


Beneficial for all skin types, The INKEY List Rosehip Oil is rich is fatty acids to hydrate and soothe dry skin, and contains Linoleic Acid, which can help to regulate oil production in those with oily or blemish prone skin. Rosehip oil is non comedogenic so does not clog pores.

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A powerful antioxidant that is extracted from the seeds of the native rose plant. Packed with essential fatty acids and skin benefical vitamins, it helps to improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation and hydrates.

Rosehip Oil acts to:

  • Target dry skin
  • Soften skin
  • Protect skin
  • Hydrate skin


  • 100% pure rosehip oil for softer smoother skin
  • Contains Omega-6 fatty acids for skin nourishment
  • Suitable for all skin types

Can be used morning and evening. Apply 1-2 drops to hands and massage into the face and neck. Use after serums and moisturiser.

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23 reviews for The INKEY List Rosehip Oil

  1. Jess

    Bought to try when my The Ordinary rosehip oil ran out on the basis of cost. Love the product – suits me better than The Ordinary. Only issue is the packaging – was leaking when arrived and continues to sit in an oily ring in the bathroom no matter what I do. May have to decant but will buy again. I use a couple of drops in with Fresh’s Rose Serum and this combo has done wonders for my middle-aged pink v sensitive peri menopausal skin

  2. Sammy

    Very good product for the price. Leaves my skin clear and soft. I’m not to keen on the smell and take care when dispensing this, as a lot tends to come out at once. But otherwise highly recommend like all The Inky List products

  3. Abby

    I’d never tried a face oil before this as I have oily and acne prone skin, but this has really helped with acne scarring and oil production. It is definitely a night time product, as it can feel a little oily when first applied, but sinks in quickly. It has made my skin feel so soft! This is definitely a staple in my skincare routine and I will definitely be repurchasing!!!

  4. AJ

    I bought hemp oil cream moisturiser and then I bought this. Both of them work for me really well, but I would say that this rosehip oil is better for me. I have oily and dry skin and sometimes an uneven skin tone. When I started using it, I noticed that my skin isn’t dry anymore (even if I don’t use it for one day) + it’s not oily ( I really don’t understand how this works, but it’s so good for me ). Also, it evens my skin tone – it’s just perfect for me. The smell also is normal ( my boyfriend didn’t like hemp oil cream smell, but this he doesn’t even notice ). This product has a very good price for the results, so maybe you should try it too!

  5. Arezo

    I bought this oil for my teenage daughter. She loves it and it cleared up her acne and gives good hydration to her skin.

  6. Fizz

    I chose this brand because it was less expensive than another I was interested in. That said it’s been a great purchase and I would highly recommend, I use it daily after cleansing and before my moisturiser and the result is silky soft skin and a fab base for my foundation.

  7. Ann

    I use it every day. It’s a big part of my routine.

  8. nutty

    My skin is combination, in winter my cheeks feel slightly dehydrated due to the cold weather in Europe. To combat this I try to use different oils in my skincare regiment. This oil is neither too thick nor too thin. It does not get fully absorbed by skin, that´s why I use it mostly at night. It does moisturize my skin very well without breaking it out, so I like the product a lot. To be honest, the packaging is not user friendly to me. The cap holds some product every time I use it and eventually the bottle gets dirty and sticky.

  9. Poppy

    It made my skin look so lovely!! Love the price also 100% will be buying again.

  10. H

    Couldn’t fault the actual oil it’s done wonders for my skin and massively helped to fade acne scares. The only complaint I’d have is that it stains white clothes if it drips onto them as you need to put it on very carefully because of there not being a pipette. This is a minor issue tho because the product itself is great, will deffo buy again

  11. Z

    This isn’t the best rosehip oil, but it does the job the price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t absorb well and the packaging is annoying as it allows too much product out, a pipette would be much better. However, it is a good budget buy.

  12. Gigi

    I really love this product.
    It’s amazing for dry skin and for sensitive skin.
    It helps and I have some breakouts.
    The only downside is that it stains my neck pj’s no matter the way I put it.
    Otherwise an amazing product

  13. Nick

    The bottle design is so bad that the oil leaked out when the package arrived. It does not absorbs into the skin. The smell is unpleasant. I stopped using it after two applications.

  14. Lins

    I bought this item a few months ago for myself and was so impressed with its natural performance I decided to order it for a friend for Christmas as well and I will be re-ordering again when I am running low. I do put it into a little rollerball bottle so it is not too messy to use.

  15. Naz

    Really helpful with hydration and evening out skin tone! I love it!

  16. A

    As this is the first face oil that I tried, I couldn’t properly compare it to other type of oil. But, this had done amazing job so far. I layered it under my make up and it give the natural glow effect that I always wanted. Also, I’ve seen others review said that it has an unpleasant smell, for me it just subtle. The smell will fade away after few minutes.

  17. Sonnie

    I am a 50 year old female and I have been using this product for approximately 6 months. I used to have very oily/ spotty skin and I have spent a fortune over time on different skin care products. A friend recommended this rose hip oil and I haven’t looked back since. I am now so pleased/proud of my skin, I get compliments about it and am told I look younger for my age. This oil contains natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals, therefore no skin eruptions/sensitivity. I will never stop using this magic potion, my skin looks/feels AMAZING.

  18. Scarlet

    I’m a fan of The Ordinary Rosehip oil who made the mistake of buying this. This is a horrible oil, it smells like balloons and has the texture of cooking oil.

  19. Ren

    I have very dry, eczema-prone skin. This oil is lightweight, dries in quickly (can use it in the morning as well as at night), feels incredible to put on, and has an instant brightening and smoothing effect as well as fixing dry skin in the long term. I like to apply after The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid (another dry skin winner) and alternate with The Ordinary Marula Oil.

  20. Eve

    My skin got dehydrated due to colder months, and I bought this to try and mend the situation. This works wonders! I use this with my Bioderma cream and my skin feels wonderful!

  21. Di

    I have used The Ordinary Rosehip previously but though would try The Inkey List. Was disappointed as the oil is a lot thinner so it does not sink in as quick as The Ordinary and smells different and too much comes out of the bottle. Will be going back to using The Ordinary.

  22. Anna

    Love this product! It doesn’t clog my pores and I am very acne-prone so I was quite wary of this product Since it’s an oil. It also gives me such a nice glow. A little bit goes a long way too.

  23. KS

    I agree with the review from Sonnie, this is lovely stuff. I have never used Rosehip oil before and had debated purchasing from The Ordinary, just to try is out. However after other products from The Ordinary didn’t really agree with my skin, I went with this Rosehip oil instead and purchased some other products in the range.
    I have oily, combination skin which is prone to breakouts and dry patches. This oil has not only agreed with my skin, but my skin feels more happy and radiant than before.
    I’ve noticed that I can only really use my oil based foundation over the top. Water based foundations do not seem to mix well with this on your skin, even after it has had a chance to sink in. It’s not a complaint, as it can’t be helped, just something to consider. Overall a really nice product.

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