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The INKEY List Bakuchiol


Plant derived, and with antioxidant properties, this natural Retinol alternative helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even skin tone.

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The INKEY List Bakuchiol is formulated with the Omega-3 packed Sacha Inchi Oil and Squalane it also works to hydrate and nourish the skin.


  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle
  • Even skin tone
  • Nourish skin

Use AM and PM. Apply a pea-sized amount to face and neck. Apply preferred serums prior to use.

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20 reviews for The INKEY List Bakuchiol

  1. Heidi

    I’m very concerned about clean ingredients in a beauty product and therefore I don’t want to use retinol. Bakuchiol might be a good alternative. When I started using this product I noticed that the surface of my skin was a lot smoother. I don’t think you can expect miracles from a face cream but I feel this shows some positive effects on my skin and is also not irritating. I feel it also minimized redness on my face and makes my skin a bit more glowy. But I also use other products for healthy skin so not sure if all of that comes from this cream. I use it as a serum since it is way to thin to act like a moisturizer for my dry skin. The packaging could be better, there is way too little product in one tube.

  2. Kirsty

    It is a great price. But, I’m not overly impressed. Firstly, the bottle is small. You’d need to order a few. The formula is lovely with no fragrance.

  3. KR123

    As I am now approaching my mid 20’s I have been looking to start anti-ageing products- I have always been nervous of retinol’s as my skin can flare up easily. I am amazed by this- I have had no flare ups and my skin feels so hydrated and plumped! Love it already and for under £10 it’s perfect as most other brands are out of my price range!

  4. Sajeda

    This is a great moisturizer, I have combo acne prone skin and I break out easily. Whenever I use this either under my makeup or at night it gives my skin an amazing glow and if it’s at night the next morning my skin looks smoother and pores smaller but that doesn’t last if I don’t use it again. However, packaging is poor. After the first time of using it, it started leaking from the back so no I don’t unscrew the lid just squeeze it out from the back -.-

  5. Ray

    I loved this product, really light and no smell. I didn’t use enough of it (only one 30 ml bottle) to see any effect other than the nice experience of putting it on, but overall my opinion is a 5/5. I used it as an evening moisturiser though, for which it is not enough for dry skin, so I mixed it with marula oil, that worked.

  6. Maria

    I’ve used this moisturiser for about 3 weeks now once a day in the morning and I feel my skin more even and supple. I will buy this product again because I have very sensitive skin with rosacea and its really hard to find skincare that doesn’t itch or sting and calm down my redness, which this item does <3. I can't give 5 stars yet because in 3 weeks I cannot tell if it helps fades age lines, I think I need more time to see that result. But for the price and the result I see its a winner for me.

  7. Clara

    First time using bakuchiol, I wasn’t overly impressed with this. OK but nothing special. I haven’t particularly noticed any real difference in my skin. Quite a watery cream, good price to try this first time. I’ve since bought a different brand bakuchiol booster (oil) to try. Wouldn’t buy again.

  8. Twizzle

    This is a great moisturizer, I have combo acne prone skin and I break out easily. Whenever I use this either under my makeup or at night it gives my skin an amazing glow and if it’s at night the next morning my skin looks smoother and pores smaller but that doesn’t last if I don’t use it again. However, packaging is poor. After the first time of using it, it started leaking from the back so no I don’t unscrew the lid just squeeze it out from the back -.-

  9. PollyGG

    Great price but I agree with a couple of the other ladies, consistency just didn’t seem right for a retinol. This didn’t last very long, as not only did the tube seem half empty but a pea size would never have done! Sorry, won’t be repurchasing

  10. Shipra

    The texture is good, watery. But I don’t think it even does anything great on the skin, not repurchasing

  11. Aleksandra

    Bought this because of the hype about it being a gentler brother of retinol and not being phototoxic, like retinol is. Unfortunately, it does nothing for me + smells like a potato mixed with cornstarch. Has a watery milky consistency. Leaves a skin kinda sticky but not in a nice way. I am 29, maybe I should head directly for the retinol. Will try other bakuchiol products first.

  12. Plum

    I love this so much! I don’t have super problem skin, but I get red dry patches and I have a skin picking disorder. So when I do get breakouts I make it so much worse because I can’t leave my skin alone making it take longer to heal. I’ve been using this a bit over a month and my skin has almost entirely healed up, leaving little for me to try and pick at. And it seems to heal my skin somewhat overnight if I have made small areas red. My skin is so soft and even And bright after using this. It feels amazingly soothing on the skin, I love the texture. It’s very light but very moisturising which is great for my combination skin that gets oily and dry and flakey at the same time. I personally love the smell, it smells like if you squish leaves or grass in your hand, it’s a very fresh natural green smell, very mild and refreshing. It suggests using a pea-sized amount, but I found using more was much better. I’ve ordered a second bottle now, and my only issue is that the bottles are small and arrive somewhat half empty. I feel like they could have so much more product in. And when it doesn’t come out anymore there’s still a lot left in the bottle. I’ve cut the old one open and it will still last me a week I think. Otherwise, I feel like I’ve really found a perfect moisturiser for me and I’m very happy! I tried the snow mushroom before this and it really wasn’t right for me, drys really fast and would probably be good for Really oily skin as it literally mattifies, kind of like a primer. But I feel the bakuchiol could work for most skin types.

  13. Charlie

    A nice moisturiser. Quite runny, more lotion than cream but it’s really effective. My skin can get quite dehydrated, this absorbed quickly but still left my skin feeling moisturized and supple. I’m 40 so a few fine lines are appearing, no difference to those yet but I’ll give it time however my pores seem much smaller and smoother. Only off putting factor is the smell. It smells of potato peelings which is not pleasant but within seconds of applying the odour has gone.

  14. skin_t__

    Another amazing ingredient that the Inkey List has taken full advantage of. I was introduced to Bakuchiol via products from another brand which I never thought I could be without but this is a close contender. Bakuchiol is the new highly raved about natural alternative to retinol targeting all signs of aging/fine lines and wrinkles as well as being extremely nourishing for the skin. Other products on the market containing Bakuchiol seem to be a lot more expensive so I fully appreciate the Inkey List offering this at such an affordable price. If you haven’t tried this you absolutely should add it to your list, it’s fantastic!

  15. Gadget

    I struggle to even call it a cream because it has a consistency thinner than serum and which also seems to dry out on application, so no way you’re applying just “pea-sized amount for face and neck”. The packaging seems also half empty. The first time I used it standalone it dried out my skin and made it produce a lot of extra sebum later that day, (oily skin, late twenties) which led to breakouts which I didn’t have for a long time. It also did absolutely nothing in terms of smoothness and color, like retinol does. Overall, a useless purchase which also caused some problems.

  16. Suchef

    Bakuchiol isn’t like retinol, but as a lightweight moisturizer (for an awesome price), it was pretty nice. If you’re looking for a product that may have some benefits and definitely won’t harm your skin – Go for It! But if you have serious skin damage (Scars, Pigmentation, etc.), just use Retinoids (Safely!).

  17. Kaelynn

    Its lightweight yellow cream-gel texture, but the smell is herb-like. Every skin its different and everybody seems to like it, but it gave me few breakouts. For the price its alright to try it out.

  18. Xenia

    The cream is not heavy, not oily. It looks and feels like serum. I don’t like the smell, but I believe it’s natural. After applying I don’t feel it. I use this cream over the retinol serum from another brand. Although I apply it under my eyes and never felt any discomfort. I don’t like the package of cream– it always let the oxygen go inside. I’d prefer a bottle with a pump. I bought this cream because of bakuchiol ingredient and I’ll buy again.

  19. Monusinna

    If you are pregnant or the mother of a newborn like me, this is the best alternative to a retinol or retinoid! Love this product so much, I have 3 another as backups!

  20. Flv

    I adore this!I don’t use it everyday as I am using also the snow mushroom moisturizer and I alternate between them. I love them both and I will repurchase them for sure!

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