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Purito Comfy Water Sun Block


A non-nano mineral sunscreen that is comfortable enough for daily wear with a powerful broad-spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ acting as a barrier between your skin and damaging UV rays by reflecting UVB light. The lightweight, non-greasy formula can be spread effortlessly without leaving a sticky feeling.

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  • Suitable for children and adults, even pregnant women. Also recommended for all sensitive skin types.
  • The formula has been renewed as free of essential oils since Aug 2019.

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20 reviews for Purito Comfy Water Sun Block

  1. Joanna

    This was a mixed bag for me: light textured, matte, all mineral sunscreen, SPF 50, with good UVA cover, no fragrance, no alcohol – that’s the positives. Negatives are white cast (even on fair skin) if you apply the required amount (which is a quarter teaspoon on face alone) and noticeable pilling as it wears off through the day. Would wear it again on holidays but not under makeup day to day. I can see it being beautiful if used in a small amount but then it would not provide adequate UV cover, so what’s the point. Would be better if it was tinted, I think.

  2. Devon

    this is the best spf I ever wore. No white cast, not drying, slightly hydrating, wait a few minutes for it to dry and it looks like you put nothing on your face.

  3. Ariana

    I’ve been using chemical sunscreens because I have dark skin and they generally don’t leave a white cast. However, I think they’ve been causing breakouts, so I decided to try this one and I’m in love! Nice texture, absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, and NO white cast! It also has a natural/semi-matte finish. I’ve had it for a couple days, and so far no breakouts. This is going to be my new holy grail I think 🙂

  4. Helena

    Nice texture, it’s very light and It does not leave residues in the skin, it dry as a soft mate finish which is good in hot and humid climate. The smell it’s a bit funny as it doesn’t contains any fragrance, but overall very good.

  5. Canis

    I have dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin that does not react well to fragrances or chemical type sunscreens. A lot of safe mineral sunscreens I’ve tried have been heavy with either oils or silicones, so I inevitably break out (not to mention look like a ghost the whole day); thankfully this one is so lightweight I haven’t had issues like that at all. It spreads very smoothly like a light lotion, and the white cast is minimal even for my olive-tan skin tone! I’m so glad to have given Purito a chance!

  6. Starry Hue

    I was amazed at how smooth this applied to my face. It’s very easy to reapply as well throughout the day, and doesn’t feel suffocating as most sunscreens do. This sunscreen is also great for oily skin, as I could feel it controlling sebum production. I noticed I was a lot less shinier wearing this product than if I went without. Overall, no bad reactions, and it is fragrance and essential oil free with the new formulations, wonderful!

  7. nastiaya1

    I like this sunscreen so much, i bought two more of it. It’s a physical sunscreen which is best for my sensitive skin, doesn’t leave white cast, or barely barely any! It doesn’t have a scent either which is very important to me. Word of advice – it peels if you put it on after using a silicone or oil rich moisturizer, so use one that is water based and light-weight before you use this one

  8. Panda

    I love that this sunscreen absorbs fast however that is also it’s con since once it starts drying on your skin you can’t really spread it around as easily or it’ll start to pill. But that’s only a tiny issue and I like it very much! No heavy or greasy feeling on my combination/oily skin. 🤗

  9. Tatjana

    I tried this along side the purito unscented, however I liked this one a little bit less. It’s still a wonderful lightweight formula, which also doesn’t have any nasties, works well with sensitive oily skin. The only issue for me is a slight white cast, but I wonder if that’s because I use a lot of sunscreen 😁

  10. Eivis

    Very lightweight and easy to apply with minimal white cast. Even with a few layers. Less irritating and drying than the Centella version. Great protection and easy to wash off.

  11. joanne

    I was worried this would leave a white cast, due to the zinc, but to my surprise it didn’t. I’m a darker skin tone, so to fine a physical sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast is amazing. It’s a lighter texture, similar to their other sunscreen products. It doesn’t feel thick on my face, and it’s easy to layer up throughout the day. I would highly recommend.

  12. Jenny Tan

    Leaves minimal white cast and feels comfortable on the skin. Moisturising but not sticky or greasy. I love this and highly recommend. No fragrance and doesn’t sting eyes!

  13. luke

    Love this stuff alone or over a hydrating serum. On days when I need a thicker moisturiser underneath it just pills up and ends up with white bits everywhere (which I assume means the protection is at least partially lost). Now I only use on simple skincare days and I’m perfectly happy with it for that

  14. Aleks

    A super gentle physical sunscreen that you CANNOT tell is on my skin (I am very fair but even on my deep-medium skintoned friend it doesn’t show once it’s sunk in). My only issue with this product is that because of its water-based formula it does tend to pill if you have any oils on your skin when you apply. I am a dry skinned person so I use a lot of oils, however I have switched to applying my oils before my light moisturizer and then waiting for it all to sink in before applying sunscreen and that has been working really well.

  15. Yuri

    BEST SUNSCREEN EVER! It’s unscented, light and has absolutely no white cast! It also doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s water based which is great if you have oily skin (which I do)

  16. gianina

    So, at the beginning I thought this sunscreen was bomb. But after using it for quite some time, I came to realise tht there r some issues with it.. first of all, it leaves a white cast.. the more u apply, the worse the white cast. And second of all, this sunscreen pills off during the day. if I touch my face, it comes off. It might be bcz since this is a physical sunscreen, it doesnt get absorbed like chemical ones. I give it 3 stars anyway bcz overall I love the brand, and I really like the formula and by it I mean the ingredients. It just does not perform very well.

  17. Ezine

    I’m fenty 445 for reference and this leaves no white cast on me (which makes me a little confused on some people’s reviews). It’s thick when you initially squeeze it out but as you rub it in it becomes almost like water and is very cooling on the skin. There’s no fragrance and there’s no flashback in pictures when using this sunscreen. Definitely a must buy product for anyone wanting a reef safe physical sunscreen.

  18. GGnet

    Best Water Sun Block on the market!

  19. Renan

    The way this sunscreen peels is driving me insane! I tried on a bare face and also tried with a moisturiser under, still nothing works, it balls up and peels. The white cast is not bad but there is definitely a white cast! This sunscreen is frustrating and overhyped

  20. radmila

    This sunscreen is almost perfect: all mineral sunscreen, light textured, SPF 50, with good UVA cover, no fragrance, no alcohol, no white cast – that’s the positives. Negatives are: noticeable pilling as it wears off through the day; it becomes a little drying and is too matte for me.

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