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Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun


A mild, lightweight sun cream with powerful broad spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ that calms and protects your delicate skin against free radical rays without leaving a sticky feeling and white case.

Contents: 50ml
Cruelty-free: Yes
Imported from: South Korea

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  • A clean sunscreen formulated with more than 70 percent water base and triple essence including centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, and tocopherol that is safe for all skin types with SPF50+ PA++++ protection.
  • Infused with 70% moisturizing agents and EWG-verified ingredients including centella asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid, and tocopherol to keep your skin moisturized and supple.
    Free from artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals.

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21 reviews for Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun

  1. adesidaabigai

    I’m Indian and using this sunscreen, there isn’t an ounce of a white cast at all. when I apply the sunscreen to my face, it’s so weightless it feel like there’s nothing on my face as well. it smells really nice too, of lavender

  2. Daniel

    I have tried so many sunscreens and this is certainly one of the better ones I have tried so far. It doesn’t leave a white cast, it absorbs easily and it doesn’t leave a shiny film on my face. It has Uvinul A+ and Uvinul T150 so it covers the whole UVA and UBV spectrum and the filters are photostable; however, they don’t seem to be on the top of the ingredient list so not sure how much protection it would offer during the peak of summer; it also has essential oils (lavender & nobilis) so I would enjoy it more without them.

  3. Kristina Luong

    I’ve just used this for like 3 days and it’s one of the best face sunscreens I’ve tried. I’ve been trying to find a sunscreen that wasn’t oily, sticky or had a white cast and that was able to hold well on top of my kinda oily moisturiser. I have a very oily t-zone and I have a verrrrryyyy dry chin and cheekbones too, and hormonal acne. So I only use my oily moisturiser where I need it, and I use the sunscreen on my neck and face. At first when applying it, I thought that it would end up being really shiny, but it didn’t have a white cast at all so that was a plus and it has a sunscreen smell which wasn’t too strong to handle. Then as it dried it slowly started to look more Matt, an ended up as like a little healthy glow so not too Matt but almost there. It dried down and wasn’t sticky or too shiny so I was soo happy and it was okay against my oily t-zone at the end of the day and I still didn’t get sun burned even when I wiped my nose a little to clear the oils, and I was outside like the whole dayyy.

  4. itsyayamanol

    It’s a nice formula but not for me. Cosmetically elegant and moisturizing. It can come off a bit shiny on certain areas (forehead), so I used it other areas instead. This sunblock on all technical fronts works well. My only criticism is it could smell a little bit nicer. After the lavender smell fades it smells kind of plasticy/gasoliney- but that could just be me. Also I had a pretty bad allergic reaction after using this a few days- broke out and had a terrible rash on my face neck and hands. I think that was just a personal allergy because my friends have not experienced the same thing. Be weary if you have sensitive skin.

  5. milena

    I am very careful when it come to ingredients. Some might call it a bit obsessed. 😀 So far I’ve stayed away from chemical sunscreens because almost all of them contain either hormonally active agents or other ingredients that can be harmful to the body. This ingredientlist however really surprised me. I’ve been using this sunscreen for roughly two weeks now and have been loving it. I have acne prone combination skin that leans more towards the oily side. No breakouts, itching etc. Perfect. =)

  6. AmyF

    wow what a sunscreen! It just feels different, don’t know hiw else to describe it. I’m so tired of using European sunscreens that make me look ashy with white cast. I’m not fond of tinted ones as they rub off on jacket collars. Glad to have switched to Korean sunscreens. I’ve tried a few but this one just feels outstanding. I’m glad I tried it. Will buy this again and again.

  7. Alex

    My favorite sunscreen so far. Very similar to Klairs Airy UV sunscreen, but while Klairs leaves a shiny layer, this one is almost invisible on my face. It’s very easy to put the recommended volume of product on the face, it’s very easy to reapply it and to wash it off. It didn’t break me out (and I have sensitive and acne-prone skin). A perfect every day product (but I wouldn’t use it at the pool or by the sea, as it washes off with water very easily). I will definitely buy it again!

  8. Allison Peng

    I purchased this sunscreen because of the great reviews it has. I love the consistency of this sunscreen but the fragrance in the product irritated my sensitive skin. I do love that it is very lightweight and does not leave any white cast. I just purchased the unscented and the comfy water block ones to see if those products would be better for my skin. I use this sunscreen for my body instead of my face and it works really well!

  9. alyzzandra

    I had high hopes for this product, but I can’t get past the strong floral smell, it doesn’t have chemical fragrances in it, but it smells like it to me and I react to it. I love the texture and feel though.

  10. Christine

    I did not have a high expectations on this sunscreen when I bought it but after I’ve used it once, I am amazed. It is not thick and does not leave any white cast. It leaves somewhat of a matte finish. No more shiny, greasy looking face. It applies very nicely and it does not sting my eyes. My skin feels like my own skin even after applying this sunscreen. The only thing that I did not love about this one is the scent. I am not too fond of lavender smell and this sunscreen has it. It”s not too strong though and it dissipates soon after applying it so I can live with it. Other than that, I love this sunscreen. I think other people may actually like the scent. Clean ingredients, high protection! What more can I ask for? By the way, I usually get rashes from chemical sunscreens, but I am okay with this. This could become my HG sunscreen.

  11. Coco

    Ingredients seem to help acne skin. I have oily acne skin and sensitive skin. After apply one hour my skin have reaction to it, breakout and itches.

  12. Hannah

    Honestly hands down the one of my top 3 sunscreens I used. Finally finished my bottle of sunscreen in five months. The consistency is very much similar to a lightish moisturizer and does not feel heavy at all. I use this daily under my makeup – it doesn’t leave a white cast, make weird patches, and does not pile. This does have fragrance, its like a strong candle/perfume smelling. It doesn’t bother me that much so I can get past the smell. I do recommend this sunscreen as it does do the job with great ingridents. I will be definitely repurchasing purito sunscreen but the unscented version this time.

  13. Nicky Ly

    Seriously, I don’t think I can go back to a drugstore branded sunscreen for my face. I used to shop around in pharmacies and couldn’t find a sunscreen that fitted what I was looking for. I wanted high protection, no white cast and non greasy creams, and I’ve finally found it in this Purito sunscreen. Not only does it fit what I need, it also contains beneficial skin ingredients as well.

  14. Emily

    This sunscreen is very similar in ingredient list to the Klairs sunscreen. I would say that one of the big differences is the texture – this one is geared more towards dry skin while the Klairs is good for either people with normal to oily skin and for summertime weather. This sunscreen is amazing because it has 4 PA++++ which is so important in these summer months. Additionally, it doesn’t leave any white cast and also won’t break you out. It comes in a 60ml bottle (that should last you about 3 months with everyday usage in the summertime so that would take you through the whole summertime).

  15. Shirley K

    This sunscreen is great for dry/sensitive skin. It does not irritate the skin at all. It is also quite lightweight. It doesn’t provide any stickiness or heaviness on the face and it helps to smoothen the texture of your skin making it feels soft and smooth. If you don’t like your face feeling heavy and sticky under the humidity, this sunscreen is recommended.

  16. Junghwa

    I have used many different sunscreens but So far this is The best one. it is not greasy and leaves no white residue. 100%Recommended

  17. Zuhra

    good sunscreen. not greasy or anything. highly recommend it.

  18. Melody

    This is a pretty thick physical sunscreen. It dries down pretty firmly and doesn’t shift around, which is nice, but it leaves a white cast on the skin and unfortunately broke me out. I ended up using it on my body instead of my face.

  19. Esrin Rashidi

    this product makes my oily skin even oilier and greasy and it has essential oils in it. Everything else about like seems to be good though

  20. Kah June-Si

    It smells like lavender which I’m ok with but I wouldn’t put on my face then. I didn’t see well that there’s fragrance in it. The sunscreen itself feels nice and doesn’t sit on the skin but gets absorbed but it only has 2 UV filters which makes me question it’s ability to protect from the sun…I’ll probably use this sunscreen for my hands and arms.

  21. Joanna Ahn

    Absolutely love this sunscreen. It’s extremely hydrating and moisturizing for my dry skin. It also goes on invisible after you tap it into the skin. The scent is light and subtle.

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