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Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml


Concentrated with 49% cica and 4 kinds of peptides extracts, this anti-aging eye cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a younger-looking you!

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43 reviews for Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml

  1. Nat Murphy

    I’ve used quite a few different eye creams to help with dry skin, dull skin, and dark circles. This is the only one that’s helped with all three. There’s a ton of product too. I’ve used it for about two weeks now and my under eyes are much brighter. It also has a nice refreshing scent

  2. Tenisha ibuado

    Helps moisturize my under eyes which tend to be really dry but I haven’t really noticed a reduce in wrinkles. I do like the ingredients and that it doesn’t bother my under eyes. Other creams I’ve used tend to do that.

  3. Kelsey

    So smoothing and calming. This is a must if you use actives like retinol. My eye area stays plump and hydrated long after I use this and it’s an excellent base for concealer.

  4. reyleciadavidso…

    I really like this eye cream. It’s not amazing but it doesn’t make my eyes puffy and has just the right amount of moisture. When I use my regular moisturizer around my eyes, I wake up with very puffy eyes. So I’m thankful for this eye cream.

  5. Fadia

    i loved it i can feel the cica effect on my skin when I apply it a refreshing cooling sensation, and i live it comes in a tube cause it keeps the cream hygiene and a small amount is sufficient to gover the eye area great cream.

  6. juandairwa…

    It makes the surrounding of my eyes feels moisturized. Nothing super but it does not make any problem when I put it on. The ingredients are very natural.

  7. Alex

    I’ve used quite a few different eye creams and this is my far the best. The tube is huge so it lasts a long time especially for the price, and it’s super effective – helps with dark circles and brightens to make me look less dead inside

  8. dollyhaze2…

    The Green level Recovery cream is one of my HGs so I had really high expectations from the eye cream. Maybe unrealistically high, but it just didn’t seem to do anything really. I usually use fermented eye cream and that visibly smooths out fine lines around my eyes but did not notice anything with this one during 3 wks of use.

  9. Maria Perez

    I suffer from really dry under eye skin and since using this cream my concealer looks a lot better thru the day

  10. karenf

    I love!!! my eyes look more alive, moisturizes very well, helps a lot with the expression lines, I would definitely buy it again, I’ve been using it for 2 weeks. I highly recommend it !!

  11. Nabila

    It’s a gooooooooood quality product. I’ll recommend it for a future order.

  12. Emilie

    It is great! Does the job very well. The smell can be off-putting.

  13. Marina

    I‘ve been using this for a few weeks now and it’s the first eye cream that actually helped with the fine lines under my eyes and they’re almost gone now!

  14. Marie

    the product is good to use before makeup and before sleep. very hydrating.

  15. Mazens

    my under eye area is so freaking sensitive ! that’s unbelievable. this cream is the best way to protect and rejuvenate it. I love it so much. I use it to soothe and hydrate but also as a buffer before I put my sunscreen because, even if I don’t put sunscreen on this area, it still burns when close to it. this cream makes a perfect job for me !

  16. Federica

    Love this one.My eyes feel betters, no lines, no more Blu circles.

  17. Annika Länsivaara

    This eye cream is nice, lightweight and moisturizing. Still, it did not lighten my under eye area.

  18. Lazarescu Roxana

    Is my first eye cream that I actually enjoy. Purito did a good job with this one.

  19. Tsveta

    I use it for the whole face and not only under my eyes. In summer when my skin is not that dry I use it with a hydrating milk. I guess in the winter this combination won’t provide me enough of hydration. But I think it wont work for a very dry skin. It should be used with Vit. C product to boost the anti-aging effect.

  20. Celine

    It is a light eye cream, easy to apply and after applying, it does not give me a greasy feeling. Unfortunately, after using this everyday, the tube got damaged. As a result, there was one extra hole

  21. Steveye Dougan

    It has smoothed out my wrinkles and removed dry skin from underneath my eyes. It is very great and it smells very nice because of the good ingredients. I have recommended this product to everyone because it is so good.

  22. apple0320199…

    I’ve been using this cream for the past 2 weeks and so far it’s doing a pretty good job at maintaining my redness. As I’ve recently discovered that I have a minor to medium case of rosacea I’ve been researching products and ingredients that would be best for my skin condition, and I found that centella was one of the best ingredients to target and help with redness and inflammation. So seeing that this product holds a strong concentration of centella I decided to buy to try it out and boy this help. It’s moisturizing and calming on the skin, but one down side to this is that it’s got quite a strong smell to it which I’m not particularly a fan of. But overall this product does do what it says. Feel free to use this code for some discounts 9AVM6X.

  23. Rene Shi

    This is a great eye cream full of soothing and anti-aging ingredients. It has a very lightweight yet hydrating texture, perfect for my dry eye area that gets puffy if I put a heavy moisturiser on it. It does have essential oils, but the scent is very light and disappears in seconds, so I don’t consider it much of a big deal. This is a great value eye cream that I highly recommend!

  24. Lay

    I’ve used this eye cream for a little over a month now and so far so good! I don’t have eye wrinkles to begin with, but my eye area does look a little tired at times. I do feel like this eye cream helps to wake it up a little by moisturizing and smoothing out my eyelid area. It absorbs well and doesn’t cause any stinging. I’ll probably stay with this eye cream for a while because I love the clean ingredients 🙂

  25. Andreea

    I love this eye cream! It makes my eyes look like after a good night sleep!

  26. Ashley Wang

    i use this as my morning eye cream and i was a little worried because it seemed a little thick and i didn’t want it to cause milia or be too heavy under my makeup, but it actually sinks in really quickly and didn’t do any of that for me!

  27. Rebecca

    the long funneled tip makes it extremely easy to deposit a small amount on my finger and control the amount of product. the formula itself is soft and light, and it melts right into my skin! highly recommend!

  28. Mhairi

    this is such an amazing eye cream the texture is divine feels so great on my eyes it’s not heavy and I love the low fragrance too

  29. Laura

    As everything Purito does, is simple and straight to the point. Its not one of those products that blows my mind when I use to , but it works and I guess that the point.

  30. coporn…

    I was very impressed about This cream. it is really soothing and lightweight. ❤️

  31. waifu4laifux…

    gotta look after my under eye eare. and this cream does the job fine. good with the price tag and not irritating, well absorbent. recommend 🙂

  32. Mika

    the texture it watery and very easily absorbed into the skin. has a subtle fragrance but nothing too flashy so even for people who are put off by strong smells would like this product. it’s a really big eye cream and for the price it’s totally worth it. leaves skin around eyes soft and smooth, and has a nice cooling effect. will definitely purchase again

  33. Margherita Girotto

    Fast absorption, the pack last for over a year. I use it also mixed with the centella serum, as a more consisten serum. If you have sensitive skin, during the most sensitive times it burns, so you should be aware of changes in the sensitivity of your skin. Scent: aromatic herbs

  34. Rina

    It’s a bit sticky but it has a nice cooling effect and the ingredients are good

  35. Paula

    I like this eye cream, it doesn’t sting my eyes or something like that and my skin looks glowy and feels hydrated afterwards. But I don’t think it helped with my fine lines around my eyes (I’m 25 so I think these fine lines are because of my rather dehydrated and dry skin), even though I used it for about 2 month now, both AM and PM. I also heard that you can use normal face moisturizers around your eyes, especially when the eye creams are quite basic. I think I will buy the Purito Centella Face moisturizer and not repurchase this eye cream after I used it up.

  36. Stephanie

    I have oily/combination skin and I love the way this eye cream makes me feel. It goes on cold and it has a lighter texture compared to the Cervae repair eye cream. Make sure you are gentle with your eyes! I have noticed my under eyes appear brighter in the mornings, and it helps keep everything moisturized after overnight moisture loss. Make sure you are gentle with your under eye area! I absolutely love the Purito brand, and the amount of time they put into listening to consumers!

  37. Phạm Hà Thu

    Sadly this eye cream hasn’t convinced me.
    + Big tube with a lot of product
    + Promising ingredients
    That’s it that’s the list.
    – Heavily scented which
    – Makes my sensitive eyes water and gave me mild milia after consistent use
    – Tacky and slow to sink in
    – Packaging says to use on face as well as a nourishing mask. Big mistake as my sensitive dehydrated combi skin starts to feel a slight heat around the red areas and gets really oily afterwards. The cream is supposed to be calming 🙁
    – Wrinkles don’t get smoothed as promised.
    – Just.. I’m disappointed
    Surely nice if it works for you but it didn’t for me. Will not repurchase nor recommend. If you are looking for a serious eye product that will help with fine lines and wrinkles, i personally recommend Elenis Pro Collagen Advanced Treatment in the teal bottle. It’s pricey and oh so worth it. You can see the results after a few uses, in opposition to these eye creams.

  38. Emily

    I have been using the purito toner and serum and loved them so I decided to try this cream and now I also love it! it smells nice and you only need a tiny bit.

  39. Elaine

    This eye cream is light and smooth and easy to apply. It’s very price friendly. I like to use this in the morning as it’s not rich nor greasy. But at night, I would use richer eye cream as this is just too light for the night.

  40. Anna

    excellent eye contour, reduces wrinkles, hydrates a lot and reduces dark areas, recommended

  41. Yasmin

    I use it twice a day. I just pat it around my eyes. It is so far good.

  42. fashionverbatim.a…

    I love all the centella products I have tried from Purito and I ran out of my eye cream, so I decided to try this out since it is so affordable. This eye cream helps my under eyes stay hydrated and plump. It is not irritating and not heavy. It didn’t cause me any milia either, since it is so lightweight but still hydrating enough. Would repurchase again.

  43. Kxdandyd

    This eye cream caused irritation to my eyes, which got sore and watery. I passed it to my hubby who has no issue with using it and loves it. He has asked for more already.

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